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These must be applied by for efficient use and maintenance of a clean room.

  - ICR(Industral Clean Room)
- BGMP(Bio Manufacturing Practices)
- BCR(Bio Logical Clean Room)
- GLP(Good Laboratory Practices)
- GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices)
- GSP(Good Supply Practices)


In the air are contained fine dust, oil, smoke and metal powder, which is visible, as well as particles which is invisible to the naked eye. Their sizes range 0.01 to 100 and they are contained in the air by about 1000000 widely

The naked eye can see 10 or larger and these dusts are too large to be removed from a clean room; they must be removed from an air control unit. From a clean room, only 1 or smaller particles can be removed. FED defines 0.5 as standard for the level of cleanliness.

The following figure shows sizes of particles contained in the air: