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An ultra-clean space provides a high quality.
ICR is applied primarily to the semi-conduct industry represented by IC and VLSI and the scope of application has currently expanded to include new materials and fine chemicals.
For ICR, the investment in the clean room facility leads to increase in yield. It means the investment in the clean room provides actual effectiveness. Experience data lets you know which cleanliness level is required for each product; The highest cleanliness level is applied to the most important process while an economic clean room should be prepared for other processes, if applicable.
The following shows products and processes requiring an ICR and the air cleanliness level which is the most applied:


Supporting the Development of Future Industries Such as Medicines and Food.
BCR (Biological Clean Room) controlling microbes has been developed by the needs of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in manufacturing medicines and asepsis in an operating room of a hospital. Also, a clean room similar to GMP is already applied to the food or cosmetic industry as well as the process manufacturing retort foods or long-term storing foods (such as soysource, soybean paste, ham, sausage, etc.) or processes charging drinks. The facility experimenting with animals required for the manufacturing or development of medicines is subject to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice Regulation), which has a close relation with the technology for clean room. As the bio-technology has been developed or the Bio Hazard to prevent polluting sources from going out of a laboratory has emerged, a highly advanced clean room is required. The biological clean room will be expended further along with the development of high technologies.